GRCC Student Help

Education is key to improving quality of life.  Everyone deserves an education and should not have to leave school due to lack of basic resources like food, shelter, clothing, transportation and health care.  The hope is that this site can link students to resources in their time of need to stay in school and achieve their potential.

Each year, more than a million young people in the United States experience homelessness; some of these young people, known as unaccompanied homeless youth, will face the challenges of homelessness while living on their own without the support of a caring adult. Unaccompanied homeless youth face the same struggles as other young people: trying to do well in school, “fit in”, and figure out what their future will look like. Without adult guidance and support, however, they will face these struggles while also working to provide for their own livelihood. Many of these youth hope to attend college, but wonder how they will pay tuition without help from their parents, who will sign important paperwork on their behalf, how they will juggle long work hours and schoolwork, and where they will stay when the dormitories close during holiday and summer breaks.


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